Why UDT?

Why UDT?

  • Identify illicit drug use or prescription drug use
  • Discover potential patient diversion
  • Evaluate patient medication compliance
  • Support clinical assessment and diagnosis
  • Improve quality of patient care
Who for UDT?

Who for UDT?

  • Patients who request for a certain controlled substance
  • Patients who are currently under drug therapy
  • Patients who are in addiction recovery
  • Patients who have to undergo pre-employment checks
  • Patients who resist a full evaluation

When for UDT?

  • At the point of meeting a new patient
  • When deciding to refer patient
  • When starting a prescribed drug therapy regimen
  • When aberrant drug-related behavior reports are warranted
  • During a pre-employment medical check-up

Urine Drug Testing is recognized as the only federally-mandated testing method for detecting unauthorized prescription drug use or illicit drug use. The urine test results will indicate whether an individual has higher concentrations of excreted drug metabolites, indicating drug use at a point prior to the provision of sample. Besides accurately helping to discover recent drug use, lab-based UDT can also cost-effectively help physicians monitor potential drug interactions, identify patient medical compliance, evaluate controlled substance-based therapy processes, and more.

At Advanced Comprehensive Laboratory, we are highly committed to precision testing within a guaranteed testing time window so that clinicians can receive accurate test reports quickly. From our lab managers to medical technologists to lab technicians, our team is passionate and skilled in
assisting physicians to provide quality care to their patients. Although UDT is the most common drug testing method utilized today, it is not foolproof. Our capabilities include specimen validity testing to protect the integrity of the test results, and we have a state-of-the-arts Laboratory Information Management System (LC-MS) that can be connected to your clinic’s Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) for efficient access to UDT reports.