Why OFT?

Why OFT?

  • Identify recent drug use within early detection window
  • Use a tamper-resistant drug screening method
  • Track patient medication compliance
  • Investigate potential patient diversion
  • Support clinical assessment and diagnosis
Who for OFT?

WHO for OFT?

  • Patients who are undergoing drug treatment
  • Patients who must undergo medical examinations requested by regulatory agencies
  • Patients who are subject to pre-employment checks
  • Patients who need to undergo return-to-duty drug testing
  • Patients who are in addiction rehab
When for OFT?


  • At the point of meeting a new patient
  • At the point of starting a prescribed drug therapy regimen
  • During a pre-employment medical check-up
  • After a post-accident or post-incident
  • When regulatory drug-related behavior reports are requested

Oral Fluid Testing is considered as an excellent alternative to Urine Drug Testing. With confidential lab-based drug test results, physicians and clinicians can accurately and reliably test for illicit drug use or unauthorized prescription drug usage. Compared to UDT, lab-based OFT is able to offer an earlier detection window, as it has the ability to detect recent drug use within the first few hours. What’s more, since its simple, non-invasive sample collection process can be observed, OFT can help to minimize risks of adulteration. Also, one of the best benefits of opting for OFT is that it is usually a more affordable drug testing method.

At Advanced Comprehensive Laboratory, we have the capabilities to perform Oral Fluid Drug Testing within a controlled lab environment. Whether OFT is conducted for better patient care, post-accident drug testing, employment checks, and more, our team of lab technicians makes use of cutting edge lab solutions to generate precise lab reports for our clients. Not only do we perform LC/MS/MS confirmation to ensure that the testing is entirely accurate, we also deliver the test results within an extremely quick turnaround.